Clinical Exercise Specialist

Clinical Exercise Specialist - $1,490.00


Clinical Exercise Specialists deliver a variety of exercise assessment, training, rehabilitation, risk factor identification and lifestyle management services to individuals with or at risk for cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic disease(s). These services are typically delivered in cardiovascular/pulmonary rehabilitation programs, physicians’ offices or medical/wellness centers. Familiarity of the following is expected:



A suitable electrocardiographic (ECG) recording system is essential for continuous monitoring of heart rhythm and evaluation of ischemic ECG changes during exercise and recovery. Equipment ranges from more sophisticated and costly computerized systems to simpler, more conventional types.


Blood Pressure Monitoring

Manual auscultation and a variety of automated blood pressure units.



Treadmill, cycle, and arm.

Ventilatory Gas Exchange Analysis

The use of gas exchange analysis techniques, equipment specifications, and calibration.


Certification title: Clinical Exercise Specialist.


Certification requirements: Must posses a four year degree in Exercise Science, Physiology or Kinesiology.


CE requirements: Click here for Continuing Education Requirement Information.


Exam format: 3 hour max time limit. 250 questions (multiple choice and short essay). IQ format. The NHE Clinical Exercise Exam will focus on the theoretical applications and practical experiences gained throughout the program. Students will utilize their understanding to conduct exercise and stress tests for exercise prescription, interpret ECG analysis, perform competent defibrillation, conduct advanced oxygen administration, prove proper implementation and administration of preventive and rehabilitative exercise programs, and prove a thorough understanding of all first aid procedures/techniques.


Cost: $1,490.00 Certificate: 2 year validation. Retake: $350. Passing requirement: 83%

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