CPR Instructor Certification

CPR Instructor Certification - $500   


A NHE CPR Instructor Certification can enhance your fitness career by expanding your expertise level as a health and fitness educator. Educating yourself on the simple facts of heart attack occurrences and visiting local businesses, churches and fitness centers as a Certified CPR Instructor is a honorable way to make a positive impact on your community and earn an income while doing so. There are many facts, techniques and descriptive statistics associated with CPR that every person should know and understand. Because CPR is such a crucial life saving component of cardiac arrest, it should be taught in a group setting involving family members or business associates. Ninety percent of heart attack victims suffer this often-fatal condition in the presence of a family member or co-worker. If CPR is administered to the victim within the first four minutes of cardiac arrest, the victim has a substantially greater chance of survival.


This certification course is for fitness/health professionals who wish to promote CPR safety and awareness to laypersons (nonprofessionals). As a NHE Certified CPR Instructor, you will not administer CPR classes to EMS personnel or other similar professionals. EMS personnel are required to obtain a certificate of course completion, a service NHE CPR Instructors do not provide. For this reason, EMS personnel and other similar professionals are typically required to seek only an AHA (American Heart Association) or ARC (American Red Cross) CPR course.


Five Simple Steps to Becoming a NHE Certified CPR Instructor

1) Enroll online.

2) Receive your online CPR Instructor Course material. (Allow 2 business days for processing.)

3) Study the CPR Instructor course material. (Typical study time is 1-2 weeks.)

4) Schedule your online CPR Instructor Exit Exam. (100 multiple choice questions, 1-hour time limit)

5) Upon passing, allow 2 weeks for your NHE CPR Instructor Certification.


Enroll today and you can be a NHE Certified CPR Instructor in as little as one week!


Exam dates (online): Exams are now administered every Saturday.


Exam re-take: Two exam re-takes, if necessary, at no charge.


Validation: NHE CPR Instructor Certification is valid for two years. View the certificate


Minimum passing percentage requirement: 95%


Study material and exam format: Online accessible.


Subjects covered: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Adult, Child, and Infant). Choking. CPR manikins and facemasks are not required for course completion.

For enrollment and program information, submit an Information Request Form.