Dietary Supplement Nutritionist

Dietary Supplement Nutritionist - $485 (Study Guide is included)



A Certified Dietary Supplement (DS) Nutritionist is a qualified health professional whose expertise relates to the comprehension, familiarity and application of today's dietary supplemental products. With extensive education on all dietary supplements, (energy, herbs, muscle building, weight gain, and weight loss), a Certified DS Nutritionist is qualified to advise those considering the purchase and implementation of dietary supplements. A Certified DS Nutritionist is an unbiased consultant who possesses knowledge on the latest dietary supplements available today. He/She can differentiate between product manufacturers that make legitimate claims from those that engage in false or exaggerated advertisement. Individuals who possess a DS Nutritionist Certification have a greater understanding of more dietary supplement products than any other health or fitness professional in the industry.


Certificate earned: Dietary Supplement Nutritionist


Requirements: Must be 18 years of age.


Exam format: 20 sections requiring 10 short essay answers each. 30 minute maximum time limit per section.


Cost: $485


Retake: $55. (No waiting period)


Refund: There are no refunds on this certification program.


Passing requirement: 80%



For enrollment and program information, submit an Information Request Form.

Dietary Supplements 

Ingredients:  (Click on ingredient to learn more.)

Pyroxyclene Blend- 912 mg

    Green Tea Extract
Caffeine Anhydrous
White Willow Extract
Aspidosperma Quebracho-blanco Extract
Norepidrol Blend- 171 mg

    Deanol Bitartrate (DMAE)
Xanthinol Nicotinate
Evodia Rutaecarpa
Inula Racemosa (pushkarmoola)Extract
Lasidrate Blend- 55 mg

Inositol Hexaphosphate
Cnidium Monnieri Extract
Black Pepper Extract
Yohimbacore  Blend- 4.5 mg

    Yohimbine HCI

Products Covered:


All Natural Testosterone Boosters

Amino Acids Products

Anabolic Ecdysterone Products

Anabolic Methoxyisoflavone Products

Appetite Suppressants

BCAA Products

Carb Products

Carbohydrate Blockers

Cortisol Products

Creatine Monohydrate Products

Endurance Products

Fat Blockers

Fat Burners

Glutamine Products

HGH Products

Hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate


Multivitamins Products

NO Nitric Oxide

Non-Stimulate Products

Oxygen Enhancement

Protein Bars

Protein Powders

Synephrine Caffeine

Topical Products




Supplement Categories:


Section 1. Amino Acids

Section 2. Bars and Snacks

Section 3. CLA/EFA/Oils

Section 4. Creatine Products

Section 5. Drinks

Section 6. Endurance

Section 7. Energy

Section 8. Glutamine

Section 9. BCAA’s

Section 10. Joint Support

Section 11. Meal Replacements

Section 12. Muscle Builders

Section 13. Nitric Oxide

Section 14. Post Workout

Section 15. Pre Workout

Section 16. Protein

Section 17. Vitamins

Section 18. Minerals

Section 19. Weight Gainers

Section 20. Weight Loss