Fitness Nutritionist

Fitness Nutritionist - $700



A Fitness Nutritionist is a professional who works with a person's diet to help manage his/her body weight. Prior to developing an individual's dietary plan, a Fitness Nutritionist will consider ones lifestyle, health conditions and exercise regimen. A Fitness Nutritionist is well familiar with the effects of diet as they relate to exercise and can provide expert advice on food strategies and/or dietary supplementation to help ensure measurable  fitness results.



Continuing Education Requirement: Click here for Continuing Education Requirement Information.


Online Exam format: 250 "variety" questions (i.e short answer, IQ format, essay style),

no multiple choice or T&F, Six-hour time limit.


Subjects covered: Food science, dietary management and clinical nutrition.


Certificate: 3 Year Validation.  View the certificate


Retake: Two additional exam retakes (if required) at no charge.


Refund: There are no refunds on this certification program.


Passing requirement: 80%


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Dietary Supplements          Carb Loading          Minerals          Vitamins         Glycemic Index Food List

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