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Thank you for your interest in our Exercise Course. This form will enable you to disclose any limitations you feel are relevant, as well as any benefits.


To assist you in determining what is relevant and what is not, we provide frequently asked questions and answers below.



Exercise Course FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the name of this course?

National Health Educators (NHE Level 1) Personal Trainer Exercise Course


Who teaches the Exercise Course?

An NHE ECI (Exercise Course Instructor)


What are my responsibilities?

The sole responsibility of the host fitness center is to grant Exercise Course students access to the fitness center's exercise equipment during scheduled Exercise Course hours.


How long is the Exercise Course?

16 hours.


How many weeks is the Exercise Course?

It's dependent upon the outcome of the agreed upon schedule. Typically, we hold four hours a week per fitness center, making the Exercise Course a four week program.


On which days will the Exercise Course take place?

Days are negotiable.


During what hours will the Exercise Course be administered?

All options are on the table, including special operational hours. Times are negotiable.


How many students will be here at one time?

A maximum of 10 students.


What program/course is the Exercise Course for?

NHE Level 1 Personal Trainer Certification Program.


Where do the students come from?

Students originate from local colleges/universities.


How close must my fitness center be to the particular college/university to qualify?

50 miles.


Will my fitness center be responsible for student acquisition?



Will Exercise Course students solicit services or sell products while at my fitness club?



What is the benefit to the host fitness center?

Membership sales, rental fees, access to certified personal trainers and free Master Personal Trainer Certifications for staff members.


Is there a contract involved?

Yes, a no term limit agreement is required.


Why does NHE choose to operate in fitness centers?

Our exercise course is a diverse, interchangeable program. This flexibility enables us to teach from a wide range of machines produced by many exercise equipment manufacturers. The incorporation of fitness centers provides students with a realistic/actual learning environment.


What is the selection criteria?

Unfortunately, there are many. To reduce the possibility of inquiry manipulation, some of the deciding factors are not made public. Other, more obvious factors include club size, club location and the usability of the exercise equipment.



To request addition information, click here. During the Host Site Program evaluation process, the NHE representative will ask several questions relating to your location. Below are some of the questions asked:


Parking situation?

Exercise floor square footage?

Best days during the week and why?

Best times during the day and why?

Are special entrance keys or cards required?

Our Exercise Course requires standard exercise equipment. Is there anything different or special about some or all of your exercise equipment?