Master Trainer (level 3) Certification - Exam Excerpts

Section 30)  An impacted fracture is when one end of the bone is _____________ to the other end.

_____Driven in
_____Screwed in

Section 42)   _____________ is a type of shoulder injury.


_____Glenohumeral dislocation

Section 178)  Identify a biochemical or physiological process/function, relating to the following terms. Complete each response by explaining how that particular process/function may affect another. All responses must be written in layman's terms and each must illustrate a relevant level of importance, as it may pertain to an (adult) American's life.

ATP: _______________

Section 200) For this section:
A) Identify four (4) concerns relating to fitness or overall health.
B) Identify three (3) unique (not duplicated from a previous answer) consequences if concerns are ignored.
C) Provide sound, professional, nutritional advice pertaining to.


Section 120) For this section, you must extract the least relevant term. Utilize the hint to assist you in determining what the overall subject is. Additionally, please provide clarification as to the reasoning of your extraction selection.

Hint- Isometric