NHE Internship Program #648

Acceptance into NHE Internship Program #648


Upon successfully completion of the NHE Personal Trainer Level 1 program, you will be granted an internship at a local affiliate fitness center, per region and program availability. NHE PT Internship Programs are employment opportunity agreements negotiated between NHE and each participating FCA. NHE PT Internship Programs are for those with the desire to start their own personal training business, but may be unable to acquire the necessary means. In accordance to the terms of all NHE PT Internship Program agreements, those who are approved will be permitted to service a clientele, free of fees or rent. The duration of the NHE PT Internship Program will be for a period not exceeding one year, during which time no costs will accrue. The main purpose of the NHE PT Internship Program is to provide professional personal trainers an opportunity to become successful in the personal trainer industry.


Many certifying organizations concede the notion that their responsibility ceases upon the fulfillment of the their certification obligation. Once certified, many trainers are left to fend for themselves, in terms of learning how to earn a living as a certified personal trainer. NHE has taken a different position. It is our position, that as a certifying organization, we should also assume some of the responsibility in the success or failure of those who acquire our credential(s). Simply providing a credential and not subsequently providing employment assistance is irresponsible and damages the industry in the long run. Unlike many other professions, the personal training industry lacks growth opportunities. Those who pursue a credential in ACLS, clinical exercise or nutrition, for example, often have greater employment opportunities because of the diverse nature of those particular fields. For this reason, we have assumed a more active role in our personal trainer programs.



* Must be 18 years of age or older.

* Must receive a passing grade of 80% or higher on the PT level one written and practical exams.

* Must reside within 20 miles of the assigned FCA.


Recruitment Requirements

The purpose of the NHE PT Internship Program is to provide personal trainers with a real opportunity to succeed. However, it serves an even greater purpose. The NHE PT Internship Program not only provides each NHE certified personal trainer with an employment opportunity, but it also provides the trainer an opportunity to have an immediate impact on his/her community. The recruitment requirements of the NHE PT Internship Program ensure each personal trainer is doing his/her part to help expand the philosophy and facts behind proper nutrition and routine exercise programs.


Contrary to the public image, there is more to professional personal training than just working out everyday, servicing a high-end clientele or driving a convertible Mercedes Benz. Although those things can be nice, personal training is really about health/fitness education and promotion. If you are going to commit to the profession of personal training, then you must also commit to expanding it's reach. If you are accepted into the NHE PT Internship Program, you will be expected to actively make an attempt in creating positive changes in people’s lives. As an NHE Intern, one of the primary obligations is the recruitment of 5 new personal training clients per month. To maintain the status of not having to pay any fees or percentages at your FCA, you will be required to recruit five new clients each month your contract is valid. Each new client must be a non-member of the FCA and must join the affiliate fitness center for a minimum of one year. If you are able to keep your end of the deal, your entire overhead will be waived for the duration of your internship and you will not be charged any fees including rent, maintenance fees or membership dues.


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