NHE Mentor

About the Mentor Position


An NHE Mentor is responsible for handling incoming phone calls, received from NHE registered students and affiliate members. NHE Mentors provide specialized services, related to career development and improvement. (Additional information)


NHE Mentors receive specialized training in the areas of:


NHE (Policies, History, Philosophies, Curriculum, Affiliations, Protocol Documentation, etc.).


PT Industry (History, Geographical Analyses/Statistics, Business Practices, Projections, etc.).


Nutritional Services (State Regulations/Legislation/Services, Professional Practices/Services, Supplementation, Geographical Analyses/Statistics, etc.).


CPR (Legal Aspects [not advice], AHA, Procedural Updates/Techniques, Devices/Equipment, etc.).



* Must be articulate and well-spoken.

* Must have quiet work area; receive excellent mobile phone reception.

* Must work a minimum of 6 hours a week.

* Must possess adequate health and fitness comprehension.


The NHE Personal Trainer (level 1) program includes 10 career consultations with an authorized NHE Mentor. Mentors are also responsible for providing NHE services to FCA, WCA , PCA and VL Program associates and members. This is a new position.


Job Description

An NHE Mentor's primary responsibility is to provide career assistance, specific to the a particular expertise. Services are provided via telephone. Similar to a customer service representative or tele-consultant, an NHE Mentor receives calls through our main call center. Calls are re-routed to the mentor's assigned NHE mobile phone (iPhone Smartphone-LATEST AVAIL GEN). The purpose of an NHE Mentor is to provide the following NHE consultation services:


Primary NHE Consultation Services include:

* Mentorship

* Career consultation

* Career insight/inspiration

* Industry education


Other NHE Consultation Services include:

* Pre-exam consultation

* Proctor clarification/directions/protocol

* Company background/philosophy

* Exam retake instructions/protocol

* Exam performance consultation

* Study guide consultation


Mentors must utilize an NHE sponsored phone for all NHE services; (iPhone Smartphone-LATEST AVAIL GEN). All phones are the sole property of NHE. A seventy-five ($75) dollar phone deposit is deducted from first paycheck. Full deposit is processed upon the return and receipt of the phone.



Full Time or Part Time. (Weekly schedules are determined in accordance to the availability of the job holder. There are no specific, predetermined work hours. Work schedules are instituted on an individual basis.) Mentors work 3-hour shifts, which are broken up into one shift per day for part time employees or up to three shifts per day for full time employees. Hours can be any set of three, between 6 am and 8 pm Monday through Friday and between 6 am and noon on Saturdays. Hours are determined in correlation with the mentor's geographical time zone.



This is an NHE employee position, not a 1099.


Job qualification

Professional fitness/health experience exceeding three years or four year fitness or health related college degree.



Satellite/WFH. You must have access to office devices (e.g. fax, Internet, computer, smartphone [provided], etc.)



Part Time: 6-20 hours a week. $10,600-$35,500/yr. (Performance/1-3 percent comp increase evaluation every 12 mos.)

Full Time: 40 hours a week. $71,000/yr. (Performance/2-5 percent comp increase evaluation every 12 mos.)


CP (Compensation Packages) for this particular position are not based on sales quotas. There are no commissions, sales percentages, tiers or bonuses associated with this particular job title. Compensation package includes salary, shares and benefits (if applicable).


This job is a salary based, NHE employee position. It is not a 1099 or IC based position.


For employment consideration, submit an Employment Consideration Request via your employment notification.


NHE is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status