NHE Mentor

The primary attribute(s) we look for, when hiring an NHE mentor, is professional and/or academic expertise. Genuine expertise whether acquired through an under/postgraduate program or as a direct result of having worked extensively in the field, provides the foundation for any effective mentorship program because without one or the other, the mentorship program would essentially be meritless.


The mentorship program we provide is based on a professional consultation blueprint that addresses many of the most popular fitness and health careers (Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Lifestyle Coach, AT, Sports Rehab Specialist, etc.). Our mentorship program is also based on adopted expertise, specific to that of the mentor's professional and/or academic experiences. Prior to starting the job, each mentor works with us to develop additional consult areas based on his/her experiences, that we can then incorporate into our consultation blueprint to help expand the value and diversity of the mentorship program as a whole.


The basis of the NHE Mentorship Program is to provide career assistance and not academic assistance. In other words, mentors aren't considered an active element of our academia because academic assistance is a small part of the mentorship program. The premise of the mentorship program is primarily based on career assistance. If hired, we would establish a personalized mentorship dialogue platform, formatted, structured and based on your particular expertise and professional experiences. We would ensure that not only all of the advice and consultation be relevant and fall within the confines of our program's agenda, but also that any/all assistance would be worthwhile. The assistance provided by NHE Mentors should be used to reflect on or perhaps help add a different perspective into the considerations for which the caller has sought advice. Mentorship based on the new hirer's expertise, combined with our career assistance templates, make up what was earlier referred to as the 'consultation blueprint'. The consultation blueprint is what determines the type of callers each mentor works with, creating a very high mentorship qualification probability.


In terms of how mentors receive calls, logistically, the calls are handled here first (HQ-Orange County, CA). After the caller has been processed, the caller is then re-routed to the appropriate mentor, in accordance to three parameters. The parameters are the subject matter, the mentor's approved schedule and the mentor's time zone. Mentors are assigned a company mobile to which all calls are re- routed. In terms of scheduling parameters, they are minimal. We create three hour shifts, which are broken up into one shift per day for part timers or up to three shifts per day for full timers. Hours can be any set of three, between 6 am and 8 pm M-F and between 6 am and noon on Saturdays. Currently, the program is not offered Sundays.


Lastly, cell phone reception and a quiet work environment are crucial components to this position. We would  perform a cell phone reception check, in addition to evaluating the work environment to which calls would be routed, to ensure it is quiet and appropriately suited for telecommuting.


Once hired, the job training program would be scheduled. All NHE job training programs are web-based. This eliminates traveling requirements and, consequently, traveling expenses. For this particular position, the web-based job training program is roughly two days, however, it's application would extend well beyond the initial training as it is an excellent tool in helping accelerate job acclimation. It is also linked to the consultation blueprint interface program, a program used by mentors to assist them in acquiring detailed information directly related to each individual student or affiliate member. The program's passwords, login IDs and navigation instructions are assigned during the FTI (Final Tier Interview). As posted on our career board, the FTI is a video conference that would be between each candidate, the NAPD (National Affiliate Program Director) and an associated RM (Regional Manager). The FTI is a two hour meeting and would essentially be the first person-to-person meeting with anyone from NHE management. During the FTI, all job particulars are addressed and finalized.


Compensation is handled one of two ways. Each new hire has the option of direct deposit or paper check, mailed via U.S.P.S. Pay periods are bi-weekly and pay days are the same for all NHE job titles, the fifth and twentieth of each month. Paper checks are mailed from Orange County, California which could delay delivery of up to three business days, dependent on the geographical location of the new hire.