NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialist

We will cease considering candidates for this position: (May 1, 2015)


(Effective as of April 6, 2015, retake exams will no longer be considered for employment purposes. The initial exam will be the only employment consideration. Job candidates who were under consideration prior to this date will still have his/her retake exam considered for employment purposes.)



The Service- Personal Fitness Management


The purpose of the NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialist expansion program is to directly address the abundance of business opportunities for American fitness services abroad. In the United States, professional fitness programs have been a lucrative commodity for over three decades. Since the conception of professional personal training, the United States has led the world in personal training services with three times more certified professional trainers than the rest of the world combined. As with many sports and athletic professions, the United States is the global leader in health/fitness research, equipment ingenuity and industry innovation. American fitness and health expertise has proven to be a valuable commodity over the past several decades. The services associated to professional personal training are no different. In fact, analytical research has shown personal training services present the largest gap in supply and demand than any other sought after fitness service in a study of fifteen countries. The growth potential in Japan, Brazil, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and China is abundant and sales in these countries, and others, will enable us to expand our fitness brand worldwide. Part of our long term goal is to expand our sales force with a diverse group of American fitness professionals possessing cultural, linguistic and regional expertise, ensuring a more cohesive implementation structure into associated foreign markets.


About the Personal Fitness Management Specialist Position (PFMS)

A Personal Fitness Management Specialist is a fitness advisor and wellness consultant, proficient in weight and lifestyle management, cardiovascular and resistance exercise program development, stretching techniques/application and nutritional science. A Personal Fitness Management Specialist possesses expertise equivalent to that of a five year, full-time, certified master fitness trainer. The primary difference between the profession of personal training and the profession of Personal Fitness Management Specialist is the requirement of in person, hands on exercise equipment instruction. While certified personal trainers typically administer services within a fitness equipment environment, a Personal Fitness Management Specialist provides online consultation because of the absence of exercise instruction services. Individuals seeking assistance from the NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialist Program are educated in exercise equipment setup, operation and application. Hands on exercise equipment instruction is not a requirement.


Job Description

An NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialist provides fitness, wellness and dietary solutions to NHE affiliate members (dependent of expertise). NHE affiliate members are individuals involved directly/indirectly with an NHE Personal Trainer Certification Program, an NHE Personal Fitness Management Program, an NHE Fitness Nutrition Development Program or other NHE service program both in the U.S. and abroad. This position is a WFH position. Fitness and/or dietary solutions are provided online. Personal Fitness Management Specialists develop fitness, dietary and wellness solutions by analyzing profile data submitted by participating affiliate members via an NHE Fitness Management Profile Form (FMPF). Once the Personal Fitness Management Specialist has analyzed the FMPF, he/she composes a detailed solution via an online NHE FMS Response Form. The online NHE FMS Response Form is designed to articulate specific, itemized solutions for client (affiliate member) review, consideration and implementation.


There are three types of Fitness Management Profile Forms (FMPF). FMPFs are assigned in accordance to the specific professional/academic expertise of the PFMS and market demand. Market demand does not affect workload, only FMPF type.


NHE Fitness Management Profile Form (FMPF) types.

NHE- FMPF-N: Must be completed within 48 hours of submittal.

NHE- FMPF-C: Must be completed within seven business days of submittal.

NHE- FMPF-T: A fitness management request form template. This type contains pre-set parameters that are generic in format, not personalized.


Job Training

All NHE job training programs are web-based. This training  format eliminates traveling requirements and, consequently, traveling expenses. For this particular position, the web-based job training program is approximately six hours.



NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialists work full-time or part-time. NHE Personal Fitness Management Specialists are NHE employees, not independent contractors.


Full-Time: One hundred (100) Fitness Management Request Forms per month (approx. 40 hrs/wk.)

Part-Time: Forty-eight (48) Fitness Management Request Forms per month (approx. 20 hrs/wk.)


(Weekly schedules are determined in accordance to the availability of the job holder. There are no specific, predetermined work hours. Work schedules are instituted on an individual basis. This format promotes flexibility for those with unusual schedules.)


Job Qualifications

Five (5) years professional fitness instructor experience [full-time] or four-year exercise science, kinesiology or similar college degree.


Required Professional Expertise

Exercise program development

Exercise program assessment

Weight management

Basic nutrition

Stretching techniques


Equipment Requirement

Must have Internet device/connection.



This is an NHE employee position, not a 1099 (IC).



WFH. You must have access to office devices (e.g. fax, Internet, computer, smartphone, etc.)



Full Time (40 hrs): $6,200/mo. (Performance/3-7 percent comp increase evaluation every 12 mos.)

Part Time (20 hrs): $2,900/mo.


This is a salary based position. Compensation is not dependent on FMPF volume. The number of FMPFs will vary from week to week, however the compensation remains unchanged from the above stipulated value. Compensation is handled one of two ways. Each new hire has the option of direct deposit or paper check, mailed via U.S.P.S. Pay periods are bi-weekly and pay days are the same for all NHE job titles, the fifth and twentieth of each month. Paper checks are mailed from Orange County, California which could delay delivery of up to three (3) business days, dependent on the geographical location of the employee.


CP (Compensation Package) for this particular position is not based on sales quotas. There are no commissions, sales percentages, tiers or bonuses associated with this particular job title. Compensation package includes salary, shares and benefits (if applicable).


This job is a salary based, NHE employee position. It is not a 1099 or IC based position.



For employment consideration, submit an Employment Consideration Request via your employment notification.


NHE is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.