NHE Regional Manager

Additional NHE Regional Manager job details.


An NHE Regional Manager has one primary purpose. He/She is responsible for ensuring NHE protocol is being adhered to. To accomplish this goal, regional managers work as part of a team. Regional managers are well versed in all quality control issues, associated with Sales Representatives and Supervisors. Regional Managers understand the responsibilities of sales representatives and supervisors, and they receive frequent training on how to improve the quality of all NHE services. To ensure NHE protocol is being adhered to, each NHE Regional Manager must fulfill two, distinctly different, job responsibilities.


Primary Job Responsibility

An NHE Regional Manager's primary job responsibility is to manage the Sales Reps, Supervisors and Exercise Course Instructors within his/her particular territory. The Regional Manager meets with each individual Sales Rep and Supervisor, within his/her own territory, to discuss and implement improvements in services and products. All affiliate program concerns and personnel issues are handled by the associated Regional Manager.


Secondary Job Responsibility

An NHE Regional Manager's secondary job responsibility is to monitor the work of all Sales Representatives and supervisors within a team member's territory. Many like to compare this aspect of the job to that of an 'internal company spy', and in many ways, there are similarities. Assigned a team member's territory (typically an adjacent territory), the Regional Manager's role is to conduct surveillance operations for quality control purposes. Regional Managers are required to 'play the role' of a typical club member or student. The goal is to seek out the Sales Reps and Supervisors assigned to a particular affiliate location and ask specific, pre-authorized questions. Only the Program Director and the affiliate location's management personnel are made aware of the specifics, during this particular aspect of the job. Upon completion of each assignment, the Regional Manager is required to draft a final report, indicating a quality of service score and a full briefing, detailing the experience. The report is submitted to both the team member (the associated Regional Manager), the Program Director and the affiliate location's management team.


NHE Required Attire

1) NHE embroidered 'polo-style' shirt (3).

2) NHE embroidered long sleeve shirt (3).

3) NHE embroidered  'running-style' jacket (1 only).

4) NHE embroidered 'running-style' pants (lose or fitted), (1 only).

5) NHE embroidered 'athletic' shorts (lose or fitted), (3).

6) NHE embroidered 'board' shorts (3).


Each of the above is provided free of charge. Additional sets may be ordered at cost.