NHE Social Media Department

NHE Social Media Department


A large component of the NHE Philosophy is the strong commitment to the distribution of newsworthy health and fitness information to practitioner and novice followers. Amongst the many NHE distribution platforms, social media is at the forefront. Utilizing social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google+ we are able to deliver quality fitness related material and newsworthy health content to our followers and momentary visitors. Part of that commitment involves the prioritization of material diversity including varying professional expertise, regional influences and content formatting.


To be considered for a job within the NHE Social Media Department (Facebook Division Only), please submit an Employment Consideration Request.


We are currently looking for individuals with academic or professional expertise in the following fields: Exercise Science/Physiology, Nutrition, Fitness Program Development, Medical Research/Study, Fitness/Health Journalism, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Training.


Job Description:

Produce original health/fitness submittals for NHE Facebook web pages.


Submittal Types:

-Exercise Programs (written/video/graphic art display)

-Cardiovascular Programs (anaerobic/aerobic) (written/video/graphic art display)

-Stretching routines (video/graphic art display)

-Original Short Articles (250-500 words. All current national/worldwide news relating to health, fitness and nutrition. (Exercise science/physiology); (Immune system, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Glandular, Digestive and Mental health); (Exercise program development/prescription); (Sports therapy/rehab); (Athletic training/competition); (Therapy-Physical, Occupational, Balance, Respiratory, Rehab )(Nutritional news and health) (CPR) and dozens of other fitness and health related topics.

-Original Fitness Funny

-Original Fitness/Health graphic/art/drawing/chart (2D, 3D)

-Original Fitness/Health writing/story/poem


Submittal Categories:

NHE Fitness Concepts Files

NHE Nutrition Files

NHE Alternative Fitness Files

NHE Alternative Health Files

NHE Alternative Medicine Files

NHE Fitness Myths Files

NHE Health Myths Files

NHE News Report Files

NHE Injury Recognition Files

NHE Fitness History Lesson Files

NHE Medical Research Files

NHE Unique Products Report Files

NHE Recipes Files

NHE Fitness Funnies Files

NHE Special Revisited Files:

NHE Exercise Science/Physiology Files

NHE Sports Therapy Files

NHE Anatomy Files

NHE Physical Therapy Files

NHE Aerobic Files

NHE The Forgotten Articles Files

NHE Sports Reports Files

NHE World News Feed Files

NHE Personal Training Files

NHE Medical Journal Research Report Files

NHE NHE Fitness Trends Files

NHE Exercise Equipment Quiz Files

NHE Collegiate Research Report Files

NHE Fitness Technology Files

NHE Health Technology Files

NHE Holiday Files

NHE Disease Files



IC (Independent Contractor -1099)


Position Type:

WFH (Work From Home)



Level 1 Compensation (1-6 months): $75 per submittal.

Level 2 Compensation (6-12 months): $100 per submittal.

Level 3 Compensation (12-18 months): $125 per submittal.

Level 4 Compensation (24 months):  $150 per submittal.

* A maximum of two submittals per day.


Bonus Compensation:

$10 per 15 'Likes’. If a submittal receives fifteen 'Likes', a ten ($10) dollar bonus is added to the following pay period cycle.


Benefits (Medical/Dental), Retirement (401K):



Description and Logistics:

This is a WFH position. All short article submittals must be original works.  A short article is 250-500 words. Short articles are submitted via email. All short articles become the sole property of NHE. Short articles are not guaranteed to post. Each short article is reviewed by NHE and all social media posting decisions are done so by the NHE social media team and without direct or indirect consultation with the author/submitter. The compensation rate is not determined by submittal posting decisions. NHE usage or non-usage of a particular submittal or series of submittals has no effect on the compensation rate.


Short articles containing less than 250 words or containing greater than 500 words will be rejected by NHE. Additionally, any submittal with grammatical and/or spelling errors will be rejected by NHE. Two rejections (regardless of length of time you have been associated with NHE social media) is cause for contract suspension or termination. Any one article deemed to be a work of plagiarism/fraud is cause for immediate contract termination.


For examples of approved NHE Facebook submittals visit the NHE Facebook page. There is a wide variety of short articles and posts contained on our Facebook page. With the addition of new contributors, we hope to expand the depth of information and interactions with our followers and viewers.


For employment consideration, submit an Employment Consideration Request via your employment notification.


NHE is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.