NHE Supervisor

A supervisor's main responsibility is to manage each operational NHE program (i.e. personal trainer programs, nutritional programs, CPR programs, etc.) associated to each individual affiliate location under his/her authority. This involves proctoring, supervising and possibly processing online NHE certification exams. In relation to the NHE Exercise Course, NHE Supervisors are not responsible for the administration of this particular aspect of the PT level 1 certification program. Supervisors are responsible for online administrative duties only, as they relate to NHE certification programs. Administrative responsibilities include setting up proctoring areas within each affiliate location (FCA- Fitness Center Affiliate, PCA- Proctor Center Affiliate, WCA- Wellness Center Affiliate). Most proctoring areas, within affiliate locations, are not permanent or dedicated spaces assigned to NHE, so they must be set up on a weekly or daily basis in accordance to the affiliate application/agreement. Other administrative duties include Internet device set up and login (i.e. iPads, laptops, etc.) and student identification verification/registration. Another significant component of the job really just requires that supervisors maintain a physical presence of at least two hours, at each affiliate location within his/her authority. This presence has a specific purpose, which is to provide fitness/health consultation services to affiliate members. Each service would directly reflect the associated affiliate's core business model. So, whether we're talking about exercise development, nutritional consultation, sports training services or other type of health or fitness related service, supervisors are made available to offer consultation services to individuals seeking professional advice. However, supervisors are not authorized, or required, to sell products or services of any kind. This position is not a sales or marketing job. At no time are NHE Supervisors required, or expected, to sell anything.


The NHE Supervisor position is an affiliate based position. An NHE Supervisor may work out of any number of affiliate locations within a specified region. Regions are assigned utilizing different distance parameters consisting of two divisional tiers. A Tier one affiliate location would be any commute within a 45-minute drive of the supervisor's residence. These particular affiliate locations would constitute the daily commute. A Tier two affiliate location would be any commute within a 2-hour drive and is typically only once a week. Tier twos are optional and are primarily offered to help expand the supervisor's administrative experience. Compensation is not effected, one way or another, in relation to a supervisor's tier two participation level.


Once hired, the job training program would be scheduled. All NHE job training programs are online. This eliminates traveling requirements and, consequently, costs incurred. For this particular position, the web-based job training program is roughly a day. The program's passwords, login IDs and navigation instructions are assigned during the FTI (Final Tier Interview). As posted on our career board, the FTI is a video conference that would be between each candidate, the NAPD (National Affiliate Program Director) and an associated RM (Regional Manager). The FTI is a two hour meeting and would essentially be the first person-to-person meeting with NHE management. During the FTI, all job particulars are addressed and finalized. If hired, the candidate would have the option to shadow a same title holder for one business day, prior to the agreed upon start date.


Scheduling is flexible with optional evening and weekends. The first step would be to discuss availability and come to an agreement, in terms of specific hours and days. The next step would be to formulate a weekly schedule that adhered to that agreement and the operational hours of the associated affiliate(s). A typical affiliate operational schedule is Monday through Saturday between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. This job is part time only. It is a twenty hour a week commitment. Again, scheduling is flexible in relation to which days one would be required to work.


Compensation is handled one of two ways. Each new hire has the option of direct deposit or paper check, mailed via U.S.P.S. Pay periods are bi-weekly and pay days are the same for all NHE job titles, the fifth and twentieth of each month. Paper checks are mailed from Orange County, California which could delay delivery of up to three business days, dependent on the geographical location of the new hire. (Additional job details continued)