NHE Supervisor

About the NHE Supervisor job position


An NHE Supervisor is responsible for exam administrative duties, consultation services and/or exam processing. Upon enrollment completion, each student is assigned to an authorized exam proctor location. This is the location where his/her exam will be administered. There are three types of exam proctor locations:


FCA (Fitness Center Affiliate), 10,000 to 150,000 sq ft. facilities.

WCA (Wellness Center Affiliate), may include chiropractic and physical therapy offices.

PCA (Proctor Center Affiliate), may include commercial offices, pro shops and retail locations.


Other responsibilities may include:


Pre-Exam Student Assistance

In terms of an affiliate student, he/she is provided with all of the basic information associated with his/her particular affiliate location (e.g. fitness center name, address, driving directions, fitness center phone number and the name of the NHE Supervisor). All NHE program concerns and/or questions (e.g. question formats, allotted exam times, length of time to receive results, exam appointment dates and times, etc.) are directed to the NHE Supervisor. Because Supervisors may only spend an average of two hours a day, at each affiliate location, there may be phone messages that need to be returned, upon arrival. Supervisors are granted authorization to utilize a fitness center telephone to return all messages, related to NHE programs.


Exam Supervision

Effective January 2010, all students are required to take an online written exam. This is not to say, they may elect to take their exam at home, unsupervised. It simply means that all NHE students are required to log onto our servers, at their designated exam proctor location, to have the exam administered electronically. Login instructions and assistance are provided by the NHE Supervisor. Some proctor locations have computers available, while others require each student bring his/her own laptop or iPad. The particular arrangement, concerning Internet device protocol, is pre-determined and disclosed to each student at the time of registration.


Exam Processing

NHE Supervisors may also be responsible for grading (processing) exams. Unlike all other job responsibilities, the grading of student exams is not conducted at an affiliate location. Because students are now required to take a web-based exam, there are no exams for the supervisor to take home with him/her, at the completion of each proctor session. With an authorization ID code, supervisors must access their student's exams directly from our server. Each supervisor is assigned a web exam-workstation. Within the workstation, he/she will find each exam he/she has proctored; with the date and time stamped on each. Supervisors are responsible for grading each exam, within his/her workstation, and for submitting the conclusions to our exam department for final processing.


NHE Required Attire

1) NHE embroidered 'polo-style' shirt (1).

2) NHE embroidered long sleeve shirt (1).

3) NHE embroidered  'running-style' jacket (1 only).

4) NHE embroidered 'running-style' pants (lose or fitted), (1 only).

5) NHE embroidered 'athletic' shorts (lose or fitted), (1).

6) NHE embroidered 'board' shorts (1).


Each of the above is provided free of charge. Additional sets may be ordered at cost.