NHE Video Instructor

As an NHE VI (Video Instructor) your job would be to develop health or fitness related instructional lessons via digital video. In terms of the subject matter, there would be very few limitations due to the diversity of health and fitness related topics we are pursuing. Some examples would include exercise science, fitness nutrition (food preparation/cooking, shopping, etc.), sports therapy/rehab, sports specific training and special populations exercise program development. Unlike educational material provided by content writers, video instruction is primarily applicable to online study guides. Over the course of several years, our goal is to acquire 1000 instructional videos for both fitness and health programs. Each will appear in one of a variety of different online study guide segments and each will have correlating curriculum that will be represented within the associated certification program and exit exam. Once acquired by NHE, the contents of the video and the distribution rights would become the sole property of NHE.


If hired, a VI agreement would be drafted, which would include a guaranteed commitment of 25 instructional videos. Upon the successful fulfillment of the original agreement, a renewal would be considered. Renewals are typically for an additional 25 instructional videos. Any continuance of a VI's services would be dependent on his/her ability to provide fresh, relevant material and content.


The time commitment element, as it relates to monthly income, would be variable because each VI would maintain an individual monthly production average. Ten hours producing video content for one instructor may result in a different number of videos than that of another because people have different work paces and concepts. For example, if your agreed upon video compensation rate was $250 per video, you would earn $250 per video regardless of how long it took you to develop and complete the video or how much you monetarily invested into research, development and production. It would be up to you to establish how many videos you could realistically and professionally complete on a monthly basis. It would also be your responsibility to keep video production costs down, as to earn a reasonable profit. So your monthly revenue stream would depend on your particular work pace, costs management skills and instructional concepts. You could be working full-time producing high quality material, but if you work at a snails pace and spend a substantial amount of your own money during production, you would only earn a part-time income assuming a profit is probable.


Once hired, we would schedule the job training program. All NHE job training programs are online. This eliminates traveling requirements and, consequently, costs. For this particular position, the web-based job training program is roughly forty-five minutes. This program's passwords, login IDs and navigation instructions are assigned during the FTI (Final Tier Interview). As posted on our career board, the FTI is a video conference that would be between each new hire and the NAPD (National Affiliate Program Director). For this position, the FTI meeting would be an hour, roughly. Much of that time would be spent going over subject material, video upload procedures and software familiarization.


Compensation is handled one of two ways. Each new hire has the option of direct deposit or paper check, mailed via U.S.P.S. Pay periods are bi-weekly and pay days are the same for all NHE job titles, the fifth and twentieth of each month. Paper checks are mailed from Orange County, California which could delay delivery of up to three business days, dependent on the geographical location of the new hire.