NHE Verified Location Registration Form


What is a Verified Location?

A Verified Location is a health or fitness facility where NHE credentials are recognized, accepted and promoted.



Why does this program exist?

The sole purpose of the NHE Verified Location Program is to expand the recognition of NHE credentials. As a professional courtesy, each participating health/fitness facility is granted unlimited access to four (4) NHE fitness credential programs, including access to the NHE PFMP with associated templates, for a one-time annual fee.



Which four NHE certification programs are available?

View complete program details.



What is the cost?

$500 (five-hundred dollars) for a 12 (twelve) month period. This cost includes unlimited study guides and unlimited certification exams for up to 100 examinees, including all exam re-takes, if necessary.



Still have questions?

No problem. Email or call 1-800-519-0392 ext: 115



How To Become an NHE Verified Location

It's simple. To become an NHE Verified Location, a minimum of one employee, or independent contractor, must register to take an NHE certification exam. All exams are free of charge and there are no limits, pertaining to the number of participating employees. The act of registering, by someone associated with your facility, is perceived as your facility's recognition of our certification program, thus verifying your location as one that recognizes NHE credentials. Each individual who takes the exam and passes, will receive a full term certification, at no charge. View our simple, easy to understand, Terms of Agreement. Sign Up Today!


How to sign up...


STEP 1- Submit the Verified Location Membership Form.

To get started, simply read, sign and return our Verified Location Membership Form.
(see link below)


STEP 2- Check you email account.

Check your email account for your secure, online, membership payment form. Once you have paid your, one time, $500 membership fee, it will be processed within two hours.


STEP 3- Receive your Verified Location Exam Registration web page!
Once your membership has been processed, you will receive your Verified Location Exam Registration web page, by email. Your Verified Location Exam Registration web page grants you unlimited access to each of the four NHE certification programs.



'Verified Location Membership Form'