Verified Location Membership Form

NHE Verified Location Membership Form
Membership Terms of Agreement
1) The total cost of enrollment is five-hundred ($500) dollars. This is a one time enrollment fee. There are no refunds.

2) The enrollment fee includes: unlimited NHE certification exams (including retakes); unlimited NHE study guides; up to fifty (50) examinees; up to eight (8) fitness center locations, for a period of twelve (12) months.

3) Only the following NHE fitness certification programs are included in this agreement:

NHE Personal Trainer (Level 2), with study guide.
NHE Master Trainer (Level 3), with study guide.
NHE Fitness Nutritionist, with study guide.
NHE CPR Certified (A,B levels), with study guide.
4) I understand the term limit, of this agreement, to be twelve (12) months. I understand that I am not agreeing, nor am I obligated, to renew this agreement. If I choose to renew this agreement, the renewal fee will be five-hundred ($500) dollars.

5) I understand there are no refunds for the $500 enrollment fee, for any reason, at anytime.

6) I understand that my participation in the NHE Verified Location Program is unrelated to any/all other NHE affiliate and registrar programs. Furthermore, I understand that I am not agreeing, nor am I obligated, to hire anyone possessing an NHE fitness credential/certification.

7) If any accidents occur (incidental or otherwise) during any fitness/health program administered at any fitness location, for which I am associated, I hold harmless 'NHE (National Health Educators)/NHE Certification', its members, associates and employees.



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